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On a special note I want to mention that the judges voting on Elust is often very close, this month more than most. You all do such fine work that it is very hard for us to come up with the final results.

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What S/He Said: Pressing Stop

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What S/He Said: Pressing Stop

What She Said…

I was nervous. I always am. Meeting a potential play partner for the first time. I’ve been told many things. The type of things that play in your head are like an old tape recorder.

You are an embarrassment. How can you walk around [naked]. I’m lucky that no guy would ever look at you because you are too fat.

What if this guy thinks the same thing? I picture me, sitting with my husband Stranded, and the fellow walks in. Figures out who we are and he just points at me…. “You?!? You!?! Oh Please…” laughing hysterically at the top of lungs, right out of a How I Met Your Mother episode.

Stranded looked amazing as he always does. Sitting across from me. With his gorgeous smile and dancing eyes. (and he says he does not dance). We get locked into one of our usual back and forth trying to out wit each other when I look up and there he is. With is cute smile and welcoming eyes. Andres.

He sat down. Said hi. Ordered some food. No laughing.

Not only did he not laugh, he would look at me with these teasing eyes. Like he knew what could happen and loved the idea.

I find myself walking hand in hand with Stranded back to Andres’ place. He sublets a floor in a house. He just moved in and the place looked it…. But Andres sat beside with those eyes… and kissed me.

It was intense. Hot… When you know, there is a plain higher than the one we live in everyday… where every part of you is alive, in the eternal moment for pure hunger and ecstasy. Where hands, mouths, yearning parts all connect, expressing the deep need. Lights flashed… Pictures taken. Boys were shared. It was truly…. BEAUTIFUL.

And then something else came out of it. A picture. Stranded caught a moment of longing… a moment of sharing… He was proud of his pic. So much so, that he posted it on Molly’s Sinful Sunday. This picture.

Its one thing to be naked playing with another man on your husband’s website, but it’s another thing totally to put on display. People are going to see me. People who know me. Many people I don’t know. What are they going to say?

You are an embarrassment. How can you walk around [naked]. I’m lucky that no guy would ever look at you because you are too fat.

 They didn’t say that. That pic. That silly moment pic. It was chosen for the weekly roundup from so many other pics. People wanted to see it. People liked it. How is this even possible?

Stranded says my tape recording is wrong. Points to the evidence on this popular website.

Maybe, just maybe… what I was told. Was wrong. Maybe I can be wanted. Naked. Sexy. Hot.

You are beautiful. Walk around naked. I’m lucky that people like what they see. And yes… I like them back.

What He Said…

There are always times when I know she does not believe me…those moments when I tell her how hot and sexy she is. I also know that her doubts have little to do with me…they come from past voices that I have no control over.

I’ve had those voices, myself on things…so I get it. The difference is that I did not have it drilled into me, so have had a much easier time unpacking my own baggage that came from those.

Those doubts that she experiences, however, will be overcome…and it will be the death of me, as I plan to keep working with her to defeat that voice from her past until my dying breath….a very long time from now….in a galaxy relatively, relatively nearby.

This is not about sex…although watching her enjoy her body is fucking hot and even a gorgeous picture that I was lucky enough to snap does not capture that…this is about helping her take herself back from the voices.

In return…well, the giggles and playful glances, tonight, as she realizes just how wrong that old tape recorder is….that’s enough.

…we’re going digital, baby.

Cute Elves

Stranded – I want to understand exactly how you want this first post to go.

Laura – I think it should look like a conversation between us, like texting.

S – Sexting?

L – sometimes. 🙂  but I’m not even allowed to touch today.

S – Reminds me of A Knight’s Tale…”Do you want to touch him?

L – u know I want to touch u!  That’s NOT what this blog is about!

S – oh. Is this about elves? It must be about elves, then.

L – cute sexy, elves with big eyes and nice curves.  Damnit, distracted again. This is about us vs life.

S – versus life? I’m pro-life, why would we ever go against it? Unless it is dead, in which case I’m anti-life.

L – u are pro-alot of things. Lol. I know u like to share. This is our perspective in battling the chaos.

S – they have a pill for chaos, don’t they?

L – no morpheus. There is no pill. Just paths

S – are there shrubberies on either side on the path? And knights who say, “Nee!

L – on your personal path? Likely.

S – being allergic, shrubberies aren’t necessary. Though I would like Gandalf behind me yelling at other drivers that try to pass.

L – Thats what I’m writing about.  The yellers. The yellies, and all the stories in between.

S – I’m sorry, who are you yelling at?

L – u.

S – about what?

L – argh. Ok. Im not really. But back to the point. Stories. With yelling. Sans pills

S – darling, focus. I thought you wanted to discuss the blog.

L – sigh. My life. Our life. In a blog.