Cute Elves

Stranded – I want to understand exactly how you want this first post to go.

Laura – I think it should look like a conversation between us, like texting.

S – Sexting?

L – sometimes. 🙂  but I’m not even allowed to touch today.

S – Reminds me of A Knight’s Tale…”Do you want to touch him?

L – u know I want to touch u!  That’s NOT what this blog is about!

S – oh. Is this about elves? It must be about elves, then.

L – cute sexy, elves with big eyes and nice curves.  Damnit, distracted again. This is about us vs life.

S – versus life? I’m pro-life, why would we ever go against it? Unless it is dead, in which case I’m anti-life.

L – u are pro-alot of things. Lol. I know u like to share. This is our perspective in battling the chaos.

S – they have a pill for chaos, don’t they?

L – no morpheus. There is no pill. Just paths

S – are there shrubberies on either side on the path? And knights who say, “Nee!

L – on your personal path? Likely.

S – being allergic, shrubberies aren’t necessary. Though I would like Gandalf behind me yelling at other drivers that try to pass.

L – Thats what I’m writing about.  The yellers. The yellies, and all the stories in between.

S – I’m sorry, who are you yelling at?

L – u.

S – about what?

L – argh. Ok. Im not really. But back to the point. Stories. With yelling. Sans pills

S – darling, focus. I thought you wanted to discuss the blog.

L – sigh. My life. Our life. In a blog.

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